OOH Ad Planner™

OOH Ad Planner™ is a web-based tool that makes planning and buying outdoor campaign easier for you.

It brings multiple media vendors and you together on one platform to transact outdoor media.

Media are listed on OOH Ad Planner™ database based on city, location, budget, impressions etc.

Automated Buying Platform

A streamlined interface that allows buying outdoor media directly from multiple media vendors with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Best price and audience reach combinations, filtered by demographics and location, and negotiate pricing in real-time.

Audience- targeted and impression-based Media Buying.

Intelligent Campaign ERP

Apart from being a buying platform, Platooh is an end-to-end solution to manage the entire workflow of outdoor campaign.

It centralises and standardises your campaign workflow. All your media plans, campaign status, invoices and campaign results and reports are securely stored in one place.

The cloud-based platform delivers a free of cost, scalable, secure and a robust solution.

Audience Analytics

Audience Analytics has been built to help plan and measure outdoor ad campaigns.

It helps to target a consumer segment and thereby fix a media in the targeted location.

All media are segmented according to the audiences’ traits like gender, income, age etc.

Real-time Audit & Reports

You simply select the target audience you want to target and within a few clicks, book inventory specifically targeted to the locations where that target audience dominates.

Real-time Audit of campaigns at any point of time to evaluate the success of the campaigns.

Results & Reports with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Optimized Campaign Performance

Breaks the traditional boundaries of out-of-home (OOH) Campaign Planning & Buying with its fully Automated Buying Platform.

Campaign optimization tools to help you target your campaigns based on audience segment and demographics.

Receives maximum audience reach in terms of targeted impressions.

All Outdoor Media Options / Formats

Transacts all outdoor media types and formats such as billboards, digital, street furniture, transit, bus shelters etc.

All formats on one platform helps you not to depend on other vendors and agencies to launch your campaign.

1500+ Media Listed

Media Vendors across all cities in India are rapidly joining to sell their media through Platooh.

Wide coverage of media options targeting different types of audience segmented by demographics.

Vast coverage of locations across all cities in India.

Time & Cost Savings

Programmatic buying and ERP solution together saves time and cost by more than 200%.

Free ERP with life time access to campaign history, invoices, reports, results etc.

"Platooh's OOH Planner feels like we got a super power in controlling how well our outdoor ad campaign should perform. The software is so easy that even my kid can plan an effective outdoor plan for our brands."

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