Site5 Hosting

Site5 has been a true innovator in the world of website hosting offering hosting packages includes shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. Platooh hosting is strictly secured with Site5 Hosting and the site performance is highly guaranteed with VPS.

Amazon AWS DNS

Amazon Route 53 is a highly available and scalable cloud Domain Name System (DNS) web service. It is designed to give developers and businesses an extremely reliable and cost effective way to route end users to Internet application


Platooh is developed from CodeIgniter which is loosely based on the popular model-view-controller (MVC) development pattern. While controller classes are a necessary part of development under CodeIgniter, models and views are optional. CodeIgniter is most often noted for its speed when compared to other PHP frameworks.


To make Platooh available on the go, Platooh is made to be fully responsive on whatever the devices you access it from. Bootstrap is the world’s most popular mobile first front-end framework. Bootstrap is a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.


Eazypay is a first of its kind secure payment service from ICICI Bank in India. It enables Paltooh to process payment from clients through multiple payment options and modes. Eazypay helps client to print and mail the invoice and payment repots whenever needed for future references. Eazypay generated invoices in Platooh can also be used as pay-in-slip for cash deposit, check deposit, RTGS and NEFT.

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