Case Studies

Meeting the Challenges

See how Platooh platform addresses all aspects of outdoor media selling and the entire workflow of outdoor media business management on a single platform

Case 1: Failing to convert media proposals sent to clients

A company specialized in outdoor media selling approached Platooh to know more about and to use Proposal Creation Tool for the first time. The company wanted to increase the conversion rate of media proposal, which they send to clients as a reply to the enquiry received from them.

Case 2: Marketing Expense for Unoccupied Media Space

A reputed outdoor media vendor from South India wanted to get all their media occupied by advertisers regularly and does not want any of them vacant for many days. They told Platooh that when the company's media remained unoccupied, the fixed expenses remain the same and at the same time the maintenance is increasing. The company approached Platooh seeking the possibility of get booking all their media well in advance for future dates so that they can keep their media occupied.


Platooh is an Automated Outdoor Media Platform, invented with the vision of setting up a technology based transaction platform with robust ERP solution to enable outdoor media vendors to directly sell their inventory to buyers and to manage their business more efficiently and effectively to save cost and time.

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