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Platooh is India's first and probably the world's first Automated Outdoor Media Transaction Platform, invented with the vision of setting up a web-based platform for enabling you to sell all types of OOH media formats directly to advertisers and grow your business with the help of a revolutionary marketplace coupled with an intelligent ERP


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Automated Selling Platform

Platooh is a programmatic outdoor media selling platform that enables you to sell any outdoor media directly to regional, national and international advertisers and brand owners at zero investment and for the price and terms fixed by you.

Campaign Proposal Tool

With our free to use Campaign Proposal Tool, your clients get beautifully designed proposals, having media images and videos along with basic details, geo-data and Google mapping. Your media will get online reputation and they will get booked instantly online.

Media Exhibition Tool

It is a tool embedded in the OOH Ad Planner™, which is an invention by Platooh. Having seen your media in the OOH Ad Planner™, interested buyers will send you 'Request For Proposal' (RFP), which you can reply to and get it booked for the price, period and the terms fixed by you.

Individual Employee Login

Your employees are happier and more productive when they can log in and start the day knowing what exactly they should be working on. Individual employee account enhances efficiency as there's no need to send out emails reminders and make phone calls for every tasks.

Offline Sales Automation

Apart from being a selling platform, Platooh is also a complete ERP solution to fully automate your offline sales operations, media availability and billing and invoicing on one coordinated calendar for speed, accuracy and efficiency. No set up cost and No maintenance cost.

Booking & Inventory Management

Platooh provides you the complete strategic control over your current booking and the available inventory along with ongoing media showcase opportunity onto the OOH Ad Planner™. You set all the business rules for every aspect of how your inventory is priced, sold and managed.

Billing & Invoicing

Platooh ERP makes everything easy for your business including invoicing & billing. It automates professional looking invoice generation at different levels of payment processing and reduces paper works with a 100% cloud-based solution that is innovative and easy to use.

Real-time Audit & Reports

All data is automatically updated in the ERP, which helps you conduct real-time audit and retrieve reports for informed business decision. This helps you to focus on the most urgent tasks and allows you to expand the media network based on the level of demand in locations and cities where you have less or no media.

Time & Cost Savings

Whether you're scheduling people, assets or any other resources, keep track of them all in one place - Platooh. Studies claim that automation is the best solution to save time and cost of doing business. It is not an exception in outdoor industry as well.

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"Platooh is our end to end solution for managing our OOH business round the clock. We cannot imagine how our company can be better without Platooh !"

Platooh is an Automated Outdoor Media Platform, invented with the vision of setting up a technology based transaction platform with robust ERP solution to enable outdoor media vendors to directly sell their inventory to buyers and to manage their business more efficiently and effectively to save cost and time.

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