The efficacy of Platooh inventory management

March 23, 2016 Admin

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about out of home (OOH) advertising techniques is a billboard. But there are literally hundreds of OOH media that are equally if not more effective than billboards. OOH media has the ability to capture the attention of the viewers and translate this into an emotional response that results in purchase of a product or service. It is very important to effectively manage the media and ensure that the media is always engaged with an ad campaign. In order to do this Platooh has come up with an effective inventory management system. This inventory management system is very useful to impress clients who are looking for a media for their next ad campaign.

From the perspective of a client who needs a media to advertise, the world of OOH advertising can be a very intimidating one. The intent behind opting for an OOH campaign is to gain maximum visibility that translates into sales. A client can never know in advance which campaign and what media will be the most effective. He can only opt for the media that is available for the acceptable period of time and he will book it. There was no way for them to know how effective a campaign would be before the campaign went live. Platooh inventory management system makes it very easy for them to choose a media that will be the most suitable for their needs.

When using a Platooh inventory management it is possible for the client to save time, make an informed decision based on the presentations as well as customize everything as per his need. In the past when a client needed an OOH media the only way to choose one was to travel around a city and choose a media that was available. It was virtually impossible to know how long when a media would be available, when a campaign would go live and so on. With the Platooh inventory management, it is possible for a vendor of an OOH media to package the media in an attractive manner and present it to the client. Interested clients can save time by using the inventory management software to go through the media that is available. They can then choose the media and go live with the campaign.

The media is presented with all information that is necessary for a client to make a decision. The availability of the media, the length of the present contract and when it expires, the rate of the media, the location of the media with street view are all mentioned in the system. This makes it possible for the client to make an informed decision without much effort. The location of the media on a map will enable the client to gauge the efficacy of the campaign and the geographical reach that it will have. Media images will enable the client to check the surroundings of the location and plan the campaign even better. It is possible for the client to customize several aspects of the media through the inventory management.  As far as a client is concerned, the Platooh inventory management system will be of immense help when it comes to planning an OOH campaign.

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