How to build a billboard with the least amount of investment

March 25, 2016 Admin

A billboard is a very effective medium of advertising. It has a great impact on the way a brand is perceived. It is a highly recommended way to advertise a brand and to let the general public know that a brand or a product has arrived in the market. It is also an excellent business proposition to invest in an OOH media like a billboard. If the right location and size are chosen then a billboard will be a constant source of income for the owner. Using an OOH Ad Planner™ like the one offered by Platooh will also ensure that the OOH media is advertised properly always utilised and generates revenue. Erecting a billboard does cost a lot of money.  But with a bit of a business acumen and perseverance it is possible to own a huge OOH media and not burn a hole in one’s pocket.

At the very outset, it needs to be understood that erecting a billboard for little money is a very difficult task. The best thing that a person who is interested in buying a billboard can do is to buy a billboard that is abandoned. It must be ensured before buying the billboard that all the permits are attached to it. If the billboard is in bad condition then you may want to build the frame from the ground up. Wood is a cheap material that can be used to build billboards. You will also need permits to build billboards and the help of a construction crew. The permits will be issued from the municipal office or corporation office in every city. Once you have zeroed in on a billboard that you want to purchase, decide where you want to install the billboard. The regulations that are in place have to be studied and then factored into the equation. The regulations can be acquired from the municipal office.

It is very important to draw up a blueprint of the billboard first. It is the first step that will assist you in the construction of the billboard. The blueprints of the billboard have to adhere to the regulations that have been set by the city municipal office. The land that you have chosen must fit the standards and not obstruct any lighting fixtures or block the property belonging to other people. The centre of the billboard should be identified first. The stakes should be driven into the ground where the centre of the billboard will be and also where the corners of the billboard will be. This should be done according to the measurements that have been provided by the blueprint. It is on the basis of these stakes that the construction crew will go ahead with the building of the billboard.

Obstructions to a billboard can ruin its value regardless of the location and the size. Attempts must be made to remove the obstructions. But it should be done very carefully. Property of the government, private property and other landmarks should not be removed. That will only lead to you incurring high fines. And when you are trying to build a billboard with the least amount of investment, a fine is something that you should try to avoid at all costs. Trees that obstruct should be trimmed but this should also be done in adherence with the policy of the municipality. There are some cities in India where it is not allowed to trim trees unless they pose a safety hazard. Any other tree trimming will result in a hefty fine. In some cases all it requires is prior permission to move an obstruction. Do get help with removing such obstructions.

When it comes to building a billboard, you will have to get some help from a construction crew. It is not possible for an inexperienced person to build a billboard. You could try yourself but it could end up costing you tens of thousands of rupees. So do visit the site and let the professionals do their job. They may have relevant questions about the billboard and you may have to answer them. After the concrete is poured into the foundation, you do not have to stay at the site. Do remember that a construction crew will cost you money, but it is something that you cannot avoid. If your choice is to build a wooden billboard, it will not cost you much but the cost of the crew is unavoidable. The permit for the site should be attached to the foundation in plain view.

There are a few things that you need to remember. What has been described above is a way to erect a wooden billboard by spending a minimal amount. But a wooden billboard needs yearly maintenance. That is unavoidable. When compared with the yearly income that you make it will be worthwhile. A company will be renting out your ad space for a month or more and that is the way that you will be making money. Also do remember that safety needs to be given preference. The construction crew should only work in adherence to the safety precautions. The minimum safety standards and stipulations should be met. If the billboard collapses, you will have to pay a tremendous amount of money. So the billboard should be built to last.

Owning a billboard is a very good way to make money. Companies are going to pay you for the space that you own. They will advertise their products on your billboard. If you choose a prime location, then you can command a very good price. It is a bit difficult to keep track of the various campaigns and when they end or start, especially when you have more than one OOH media. This is where planners like Platooh come into the picture. You can advertise your media and ensure that the campaigns are also planned in accordance to the availability of the media. This will ensure that your media is always occupied and gets you returns on your investment.

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