What you need to know before starting a billboard advertising company

March 25, 2016 Admin

For a majority of people who live in a metro, the first thing that comes to their mind at the mention of the word advertisement is a billboard. Even though there are several kinds of advertising mediums in OOH like surfaces of buses, bus shelters, mobile boards, LED message boards and so on, there is nothing like a billboard to make an impact on a personís mind. The effort that goes into the purchase and maintenance of an ad campaign on a billboard is always underappreciated and unknown by a majority of people. A billboard company is a very good source of income. Once the billboard has been set up, it can become a consistent source of income with the last amount of expenditure, save for the maintenance of the billboard.

As long as people manufacture products and offer services to customers, there will be a need to advertise. So there will always be a demand for a billboard that is located at a high traffic area or on a highway. The potential for profit in this business is very high and in some cases the owners of billboards have managed to recover the investment that they made in a few months time. Even though it sounds like a very easy business, it is not. It requires business acumen like other businesses. The most important thing that a billboard owner needs is knowledge about how the world of advertising operates. A billboard is not just steel and wood; it is a mixture of idea generation, printing and construction. An aspiring billboard owner should first work for a large advertising business and understand how it operates. The experience that is gained there will help them immensely.

Like any other business, it requires a lot of networking to make it work. There are several contractors who work in this field who need to be constantly contacted for work. A relationship should be established with these contractors so that they will offer their services when you need them. It is also important to find printers who will be able to accept the printing of large billboard vinyl. These need to be carefully chosen to ensure that they offer services within the stipulated amount of time. Electricity board that will enable power supply to the billboard, construction companies that will help in the construction of the frames for the billboards etc should be kept in close contact.

All billboards are subject to certain legal requirements. It is not possible to put up billboards and hoardings anywhere. There is a legal standard for everything and that should be adhered to by the owner of the media. The permission of the authorities should be taken before putting up a billboard and the permits that have been obtained should be displayed along the foundation of the media itself. Every OOH media is priced in a different manner. Some are priced for a time period and others are priced on the basis of a campaign. There are also ad rates and contract times to consider. The vendor should choose the rates that are best suited for the media.

The owner of an OOH media should be prepared and keep some funds aside for contingencies. OOH media is always open to the elements and a wind, hurricane or other natural calamities could be disastrous to the media. In such an event the owner should use the funds to repair the media. Another issue that an OOH media could be subject to is vandalism. Disfigurement of the media by way of vandalism could have an adverse impact on the campaign as well as the OOH media. Such contingencies should be addressed immediately by the media owner. It is also advised to spend for insurance and safeguard against all the calamities that could strike an OOH media. These are some of the things that an aspiring OOH media owner should keep in mind before entering the business.

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