Platooh is the result of extensive market research and pilot studies carried out to identify and understand the pain points and key challenges of the outdoor advertisement ecosystem stakeholders (media buyers, vendors, agencies and local bodies). This has led to the development of a unique disruptive product that delivers significant and measurable value to each of the stakeholders. Platooh's vision is to develop a web-based technology platform to connect the various stakeholders of the fragmented outdoor media market ecosystem, while adding value to individual stakeholders.

It is driven by a highly experienced team with a proven track record in delivering measurable value to all stakeholders in the OOH industry through successful business model and product innovation. Platooh Team - A highly passionate team with in-depth domain expertise and track record in prior start-ups and with wide knowledge in scaling up the product to multiple dimensions in the adverting industry. Platooh is backed by founders 'angel investment and strategic employees' hard work and commitment who are captains of the technology. Platooh is now headquarted in Tamilnadu and has office in Kerala, but with operations across multiple cities.


Prakash Balaji

Founder & CEO

Prakash brings 7+ years of rich product and customer experience in building key scalable & successful products in outdoor media industry. He leads the team who made Platooh with proven features and successful and scalable products.

Prakash mentors and joins hands with a couple of other startups, which are running successfully. He has been leading a team of 60+ employees of technical qualifications for the organic promotion of these startups.

Lajeesh Kaliarambil

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Lajeesh brings 10+ years of e-commerce business and partner management experience in a couple of successful companies. He is exemplary in execution and ensuring customer needs are addressed with quality deliverable while maintaining the morale of the team.


Sajeevan Kaliarambil

Financial Advisor

Sajeevan took part in the successful execution of the idea with timely angel investment. As an angel investor, he made a sizable initial investment to procure the basic amenities, human resources and to maintain the working capital requirements as well.

Sajeevan has more than 15 years of experience in related business in Dubai, UAE. He is currently part of the startup, which is steadily growing.


Platooh is an Automated Outdoor Media Platform, invented with the vision of setting up a technology based transaction platform with robust ERP solution to enable outdoor media vendors to directly sell their inventory to buyers and to manage their business more efficiently and effectively to save cost and time.

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